Candy Shoppe

Candy Shoppe

Steal back your grandma’s fudge recipe from the meanies at Forest Hill Candy Shoppe before they take credit for it!

Those meanies at the Forest Hill Candy Shop are still bitter about last summer’s Festival Days fudge contest.

Being new to town, they didn’t know that your Granny was the reigning 12-time champ with her secret double-chocolate brownie batter fudge family recipe. I guess their bubble-gum cookie crumble fudge recipe wasn’t the hot stuff they thought it was. So this past weekend when your Granny was out volunteering at the local food shelter, those candy shop meanies broke into her house, stole her fudge recipe, and even glitter-bombed her kitchen! They are planning to make and sell Granny’s recipe at their candy shop starting today when they open, and take all of the credit for it! This is obviously NOT going to fly. So you’d better break into their candy shop and steal Granny’s rightful recipe back. And maybe even snag a couple chocolates on the way out. They’ll be here to open in about an hour, so you’d better get going. Good luck!


620 W Glen Ave, Peoria, IL 61614

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