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The perfect team building exercise!

Looking to take your team-building to the next level? Why not shake things up and book your next corporate outing at Escapetown? Challenge your team to solve mind-bending puzzles in one of our thrilling escape rooms!

Escape rooms are immersive puzzle games where teams work together to decipher clues and unlock hidden secrets within a set time limit of 60 minutes. Whether you split into smaller groups or tackle the challenge together, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Split into smaller groups or take on one of our games together!

Escape rooms are the perfect team-building exercises because participants can only succeed by working together!

Team building

Common Goal

Everyone can agree there is one clear, common goal – to escape!

Problem solving is key to understanding the clues.

Solving Problems

Identify strengths and weaknesses associated with solving a problem together.

Collaborating with your team mates will allow you to swiftly solve each puzzle.


With the motivation to escape within a given time period, there’s no choice but to collaborate effectively.

Engagement with fellow participants


Games are designed to be fun for everyone, so it’s easy to get the whole team fully engaged.

Clearly communicating your findings to the team is critical to your success.


In order to escape, the team must communicate effectively with one another

Giving individuals a chance to lead can open up avenues for personal developement.


Games foster opportuties for non-leaders to shine.

Getting the team to come together and cooperate is critical.


Everyone has different ideas, but to beat the clock everyone must agree to a plan and carry it out.

Keeping everyone motivated will help everyone win.


Working together as a team to reach the end goal will bolster your team’s moral!


Diane L.

Diane L.

We had never done an escape room before, so based on recommendations, we did the Wild West room. It was our family of four which ... read more

Drew C.

We really enjoyed the experience. The setup, story, and the energy of the game master started the game in the right way. Storm Grove ... read more

Lisa B.

Medical Escape Room-This is my second room at this location and I absolutely love it. So much detail put into this activity! We had so ... read more

Brian C.

The Monkey Business room was great and is probably or favorite room we've done anywhere. The room's theme was very unique and a ton ... read more

Camille F.

"We had a great experience. Was a unique way for our group to participate in a team-building exercise. Staff very friendly and ... read more

Jennie G.

It was a great time for our team building trip. A first for all of us! We will be back for sure! read more

Jessica C.

We really enjoyed the Wild West Room!!!!! It was so much fun and a great experience! We loved the Game Master Beth Ann every time we ... read more

Joshua S.

Our team really enjoyed our experience at Escapetown Peoria! It was a great team building experience and the game really helped build ... read more

Kathy S.

Our group had a wonderful time "escaping" from the Haunted Mansion! The staff was very friendly and professional. We are planning our ... read more

Kelli B.

This was my second escape room and it's by far my favorite. I really liked that we weren't just in one room and got to move to others. ... read more

Patricia K.

8/3 I brought my daughter (13) and her friend to the Jailbreak Escape. We had so much fun. This was the girls 3rd time at an escape ... read more

Patricia K.

It was our second time here. First time we did the Wild West Jailbreak and this time the Medical Mystery. Drive an hour and a half and ... read more

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