Kelli B.

This was my second escape room and it’s by far my favorite. I really liked that we weren’t just in one room and got to move to others. Finding the clues was fun. I very much enjoyed the haunted mansion. Cant wait to come back and do the saloon.

Kathy S.

Our group had a wonderful time “escaping” from the Haunted Mansion! The staff was very friendly and professional. We are planning our next “escape” at Escapetown Peoria soon!

Drew C.

We really enjoyed the experience. The setup, story, and the energy of the game master started the game in the right way. Storm Grove Mansion had a lot of different puzzles which made for a great experience because team members could work on different puzzles instead of all being huddled at the same puzzle. We will be back for the other rooms because you guys made it a fun experience and were very welcoming. Thanks for a fun night.