Pirate Willy’s Lost Treasure

Pirate Willy’s Lost Treasure

Find Pirate Willy’s lost treasure and escape in time or some dangerous characters will try to steal the treasure!

When your Great-Uncle Chester passed away, it was left to you and your family to go through his house.

While sorting through all the antiques in his attic, you found a map leading to this very pirate ship, rumored to have sailed through town hundreds of years ago. You see, Captain Willy didn’t trust his own mutinous crew to keep his treasure safe. One by one, they all mysteriously disappeared until finally, Willy was all alone and couldn’t sail the ship away by himself. Legend says that the treasure is hidden somewhere onboard, but no one has been able to outsmart Willy and find it! There aren’t many people who know about the location of this ship, but most of those who do, are not the type of people you’d want to come across. If you want to find the treasure and escape safely, you’d better do it in 60 minutes or less; some dangerous characters were seen following all of you here, so you’d better work fast!


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